Monday, April 7, 2014

Droid Maxx Battery Life

While I was generally pleased with my Droid Ultra I couldn't get my deep desire for wireless charging out of my mind. After much research I decided to do a minor switch to a pre-owned Droid Maxx. It arrived in the mail on Thursday and after the initial charge I decided to do a deep discharge to calibrate the battery over the weekend.
The only problem is that the battery simply wouldn't run down over the weekend! I unplugged it 7am on Saturday morning and it lasted on single charge until 4pm on Monday afternoon. It was crazy!
I am beyond thrilled that I have finally found a phone that has battery life that I've always dreamed of. As an added bonus, when I do need to charge it I can simply toss it onto my Tylt Vu for wireless charging. Yep, I'm in love!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend Watching: True Detective

Now that the season is over, it's the perfect time to binge watch the entire season of True Detective. I watched all 8 episodes over an intense weekend and I have to admit that it more than lived up to the hype. The storyline is dark but gripping and the acting is superb.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Striped Sheath

My Tahari jacket is one the hardest working pieces in my wardrobe. I wore it atop my casual travel wear to dress up my plane look to and from Paris. And in this case I used it to perk up an otherwise plain dress that I picked up from Ashley Stewart. Here is a look at the dress from the AS site:

I love the jacket so much that I've got it in green and purple.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pop of Pink

I picked up this Herringbone jacket on sale from Lane Bryant a few weeks ago and hadn't given it a lot of thought until I decided to buck my conventional black and pink pairing for this dress. I pulled out the jacket and found it goes quite well with my pink sheath.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Olive(ia Pope)

Blouse & Skirt- Ashley Stewart, Bag- Burberry, Shoes- Zappos
I must admit that I spent most of this day feeling very 'Olivia Pope' circa Scandal. The structure of the blouse and the highwaist skirt made me feel like it was possible the president might well walk through my door and pledge his undying love breathlessly in my ears. While that didn't exactly happen, I did get lots of work done while looking, if I do say so myself, quite sharp.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Wild Wallflower

After I took this picture I noticed that the pieces are nearly the exact shade as my wallpaper. Henceforth, this look will be known as 'the wallflower'. However, there is nothing mild about these Lane Bryant separates- the cut is unbelievable and is the classiest looking suit available in multiple colors that I've seen in a long time.
I wore this look to a daylong conference and my only disappointment was the amount of wrinkles in my skirt at the end of a long day of sitting. This one is a win- especially if the day includes less sitting.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Summer Vacation Destination: Back to the Big Apple!

Because my birthday falls right in the middle of summer it has become a family tradition for us to schedule our vacations with that day as the centerpiece. Last year I spent my birthday on the Eiffel Tower, in 2012 we jetted off to the Dominican Republic the day after. I am very fortunate and I don't take a second of it for granted. 
This year we've booked our trip to New York! I haven't been back since 2008 where we had a very troubled trip (unemployed, suddenly broken phone, staying with mother-in-law for the week....) but this time we have a very different type of holiday planned. We'll be spending the week at the Waldorf Astoria (which I have ALWAYS wanted to do ever since I watched Coming to America, lol!) and I'll be connecting with a lot of friends and family. 
This trip is all about showing Seth the NYC I 'grew up' in. We plan to take him to Central Park, South Street Sea Port, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. 7 years after moving to Texas it feels really exciting to be going 'back home' even if just for a visit. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Casual Friday 2.5

Last year I shared my transition to a more formal Casual Friday which I referred to as Casual Friday 2.0. Well, over the past few months I have been part of a taskforce working on a high visibility project that requires regular meetings at City Hall including on Fridays. (As an aside, this is also one of the reasons I've been a bit MIA on Mobigasmic). I don't always feel like donning a full suit on Fridays but I think I've found a happy medium. This shirt is from Lane Bryant and the trousers are from Eloquii.
I had a very stylish co-worker compliment me on this look which surprised me as I don't generally love my silhouette in trousers and this was actually a very basic color palette. I guess some people enjoy the muted colors over pops of pink.

Monday, March 17, 2014

"They Can see you from Outer Space!"

Jacket&Skirt- Lane Bryant, Shell- Eloquii, Bag-Burberry
I wore this last week on a day when we had some important visitors coming to tour my clinic. Admittedly, it is a very loud look, but I really fell in love with the cut of the pieces and that's what drove me to wear it. In fact, after seeing how it looked I ordered it in tan and in black.
Seth took one look at me and offered this critique: "Wow, they can see you from outer space!"
Well, I hope they're enjoying the view!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Power-Up! My Charging Station

One of the coolest features of my Nexus 7 is the wireless charging. It didn't take me long to find the Tylt Vu which is my favorite accessory of all time. The Tylt Vu basically lets me just rest my Nexus 7 on it without worrying about lining it up 'just right'. The picture shows one of the cubby holes in our headboard which I use as my charging station for my Droid Ultra and Nexus 7. I use the Powerdock for my Ultra because it's a little easier to sit the phone in than some of the alternatives.