Saturday, October 31, 2009

Device Update

It was just last Saturday that I reported on buying a used T-Mobile G1 and promising to include Android news to this space. Well, best laid plans as they say. The G1 arrived on Thursday but I was extremely unimpressed with its condition and have since returned it for a refund. On Sunday, one of my Twitter friends, Brett piqued my interest by turning me on to the Archos 5. Unfortunately, it was only after I had already spent the money on an inexpensive refurb from the site that I realized that I had inadvertently ordered the version without Android. Once that arrives (UPS left me a slip on Friday) I'll have to decide whether to sell it or return it at a 15% restocking fee loss. All that has left me with a pretty unpleasant taste in my mouth for Android for the time being...

Over the past couple of weeks I've been getting low memory errors on my HP Mini 1000 even though I have nothing installed except a few portable apps that run from the SD card. At first I thought I would just upgrade the OS to Windows 7, but with only 8GB of memory, I had doubts on what kind of experience it would be. Its been a full year since I bought my Mini 1000 -which is a veritable lifetime in geek years! I love my Mini 1000, so I decided that the HP Mini 110 was close enough to give me the same experience but with more memory (160GB!) and the ready-to-ship model included Windows 7 in the price. After weighing my options, I finally clicked the 'Buy' button yesterday and ordered the black swirl version. Evidently it was none too soon- today the same model shows as sold out! Mine shows as shipped with a delivery date of Tuesday.

This year I've been pretty happy with the base items I have in my gadget toolkit. My goal is to have the 9700 which is an incremental improvement on the Bold, a Mini 110, which is an incremental improvement on the Mini 1000 and remain with the iPhone-as-iPod setup I have. For now, I'm going to hold off on the Android fever- with all the new devices on the horizon, the prices are bound to take a plunge soon.

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