Thursday, August 13, 2009

HP Mini Refresh

There are 2 areas I am focusing a lot on in my tech life these days: organization and efficiency. I'll talk more about the organization side later, but the efficiency side has to do with making sure I am making the most use out of the hardware I have. I realize that I haven't been getting the most out of my HP Mini lately, mainly because I've been afraid of running out of memory. But over the past week I've been looking into alternative ways to incorporate it into my life. The first thing was to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and that was resolved by getting a Vista-like lightweight Zune theme which I've been quite pleased with:


Next was to uninstall all apps and only add ones that allowed me to select which folder they needed to get installed so that I could offload them onto my SD card. In the course of doing that, I stumbled on an entire site dedicated to portable apps. I plan to scour the list to see which ones I need to install, but QuickOffice, Sumatra and VLC are already jumping out at me.
I'm also going to swap out the RAM to 2GB, which can be done quite inexpensively and easily.

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