Monday, August 17, 2009

Gadget Usage

Last November I shared with you my gadget list, and the role each one plays. Nine months later, and quite a few things have changed. Here's my current setup:


I have my Bold in hand just about all the time. Its my phone, but I also use Podtrapper to download a few video podcasts daily which I watch as I workout. I've got solid Twitter, Facebook and IM clients which I'm able to keep always on and connected, but not run down the battery before the day is done.

My iPhone is my iPod Touch. I use it for listening to audio podcasts in the car, as well as watching videos during my lunch break. We recently got the Apple AV cables on the TVs in the den and bedroom, so we can easily watch a movie on the larger screens. And with 16GB, I can carry quite a number of videos at a time.

DESKTOP (same)
My desktop is a dream with a large screen and enough power to be the heartbeat of our home. I keep the Tivo Server running on it, Orb, LogMeIn, Evernote and everything else I need.

We got a pretty highend midsize laptop in our den which gets a lot of use. Dean and I share it as we sit in the den, and he also uses it in the garage as he looks up info to help him as he restores a 1978 TransAm (the one from Smokey and the Bandit, apparently?)

My HP Mini has a spot on my bedside table, but I frequently tote it from room to room with ease. It's also my go-to gadget for trips now, after its excellent performance earlier this year. I find myself using the den laptop less between my Bold and Mini, which is great since Dean spends a lot of time looking up information about cars.

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