Monday, November 3, 2008

Netbook Upgrade: HP Mini 1000

In the few months that I've had my Asus EEE PC 2GB Surf I've pretty much limited its use to my bedside. I don't know much about Linux so I haven't really added anything to the device. In my mind, I envisioned using it for Twitter, Facebook, surfing the web wherever. In reality, I've not used anything other than Firefox and the foxmarks addon.
Lately I also started encountering some dcopserver, etc errors on the device which I temporarily fixed with a factory reset but I'm sure they'll be back. The horizontal scrollling has also driven me all kinds of nuts.
I started thinking about what my gadget usage patterns are going to be:

I know I'm going to be getting my hands on the Fuze when that comes out. That means that I plan to be more media-centric in my pdaphone usage, reading books, skimming TinyTwitter (or CeTwit, if VKoser ever graces us with a new release), browsing news headlines, listening to internet radio and watching video podcasts.

My Zune is my stealthy powerhouse that I use to listen to my podcasts and music in my car, in the bathroom, kitchen, while bathing Seth, and pretty much anywhere I am.

I haven't decided if I am going to be hanging onto my Archos 605 WiFi. Currently, we predominantly use it to watch PC movies on the big screen TV in the den. However, if I can get the Fuze set up to do TV Out seamlessly, I am going to go ahead and sell it.

My desktop is a dream with a large screen and enough power to be the heartbeat of our home. I keep the Tivo Server running on it, Orb, LogMeIn, Evernote and everything else I need.

We got a pretty highend midsize laptop in our den which gets a lot of use. Dean and I share it as we sit in the den, and he also uses it in the garage as he looks up info to help him as he restores a 1978 TransAm (the one from Smokey and the Bandit, apparently?)


I just purchased the new HP Mini with an expected ship date in mid November. Its light enough that I'll be able to comfortably tote it around the house, and runs on Windows so I hope to be able to run Digsby and also connect to my home network for media.

So I'm going to be selling off my Asus EEE PC Surf and replacing it with the new HP Mini 1000. The hope is that I can get enough interesting offline apps that the next time I am stuck without WiFi access I can still entertain myself, and possibly even use Bluetooth DUN from my phone!

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