Monday, July 27, 2009

iPod to iPhone....Kinda...

The iPod touch.....the 'gateway drug' that leads to the addictive iPhone. You have been warned.

This was a comment left by Boso some 3 months ago when I blogged about my initial impressions of the iPod Touch. Well it seems his warning was true...but not. Yesterday I finally decided to get an iPhone from eBay, although I'm still going to be using it as an iPod in conjunction with my Blackberry Bold.
As is my way, once I get one feature its not long before I have my eye on another. I traded up from the iPod Touch 1G to 2G for the speaker function. Now I decided that I wanted a higher storage capacity and a camera. The camera thing has been bothering me for a while now...I grab my iPod Touch to read an ebook and suddenly notice my son doing the most amazing trick, and then I have to hunt for my Bold to snap the shot. I started wondering how convenient it would be if I could take pictures, and record audio (maybe even video?) on my iPod Touch. And then I thought it would be even more convenient to be able to use this as a backup phone which led me to an iPhone as the best solution.
I'm excited about this because it also means that when I have a business trip, I'll be able to rely on power items like the Mophie Juice Pack Air or InCase Power Slider for longer life (these aren't made for the iPod Touch). Perfect!
And before you ask- no, I will *never* use an iPhone as my dedicated phone. Never. Its an excellent PMP (Portable Media Player) but the lack of multi-tasking and auto-tasking is horrendous. I still find it baffling that I must manually iniate podcast updating over wifi when my Zune would do this automatically over my local Wifi network! C'mon Apple....take a page from Microsoft's book on that one!

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