Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Impressions of my iPod Touch

Hurray! My iPod Touch (8GB First Gen) arrived yesterday and overall I've been impressed. The videos I converted into MP4 format for my Bold worked perfectly on it, and I had a pleasant surprise when I added my Tivo Desktop converted videos. The iTunes software created a sub-category under videos for tv shows where it placed all my episodes of Samantha Who, Lost, etc. Nice!
I also decided to have all my podcasts on my iPod Touch, including my audio ones that I usually listen to on my Zune. We'll see if this is going to replace that too. I suspect it'll have to- I'm unlikely to be able to manage 3 devices daily!
I was lucky enough to find an iPod auction that also included a case. Its the speck toughskin and while it adds a fair amount of bulk to the device, it also provides a nice shock absorber, and makes it easy to grip. I was going to look into a slim profile flip case, but now I think I'll stick with the Speck for now.
I downloaded a few free apps from the Appstore (Facebook, eBay, Evernote, TapTap Revenge, and Diner Dash) and have been generally impressed with them. Having used the Blackberry App World before the Apple AppStore I didn't have any preconceived ideas about the comparisons, and even now, I wouldn't necessarily compare the two. The Appstore seems more tailored to leisurely browsing while App World is good for specifically finding a particular app that you already know you need.
Using the iPod Touch in conjunction with my Blackberry Bold feels like the best of both worlds. I couldn't see myself using an iPhone, but I enjoy using my Bold as my communication device with the spacious keyboard, and battery life that reads 40% after a 15-16 hour day of heavy use including being consistently connected to Beejive IM and SocialScope. Then, for my daily videos I can enjoy the large, spacious screen of the iPod Touch. Best of both worlds!

bold and ipod touch 2

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