Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My New (New) Car (Lexus GX 460)

So, remember in April when I got my Lexus NX 200? Well, after 5 months I could no longer ignore the irritations that were slowly driving me crazy:

1. Size- it was too cramped for me inside
2. Nav screen- instead of a touchscreen it had a weird touchpad that made using the screen a royal pain.
3. No digital clock- small, but still annoying
4. Lack of space for odds and ends (phone, etc).

While I realize that some of these were small, when your monthly payments are what they are, you need to be skipping all the way to the bank. And I just wasn't. So last week I went back the dealership and got my dream car (see item #10 on the old list- see, I already was dissatisfied!). It's Silver Lining exterior, with Ecru interior. The nav screen is touchscreen, and the overall size is nice and big so I have excellent viewing angles while driving.

There's no changing my mind now- especially after the depreciation penalty I had to pay! But no worries- I LOVE my GX!!

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