Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Anniversary at Work

April 16th marked 1 year at my clinic and to celebrate I decided to jazz up my office a bit. It was a nice, subtle way to let my staff know that as chaotic as the year was, I see this as where I'm meant to be. I started by having the walls painted a warm hue, then hung up some pieces that I hadn't before. Here is the before:

IMAG0168 photo IMAG0168-1.jpg

And here is what the after looks like:

 photo IMG_20130422_173904_2421_zpsea018c9a.jpg

 photo IMG_20130422_173916_017_zpse94524cd.jpg

I'm excited about what year 2 will bring. So far even though it's been a time of big change for our organization I've been having a great time chewing on some very crunchy problems and working through process improvement and enhancements. I'm well respected by my peers and staff for what I bring to the table and I have the honor of working with physicians renowned throughout the country. I also have been able to make some great friends within the company but at other locations so that pesky boundary at work can be intact. It has been everything I couldn't dare hope it would be.
I will share one footnote from my previous workplace- in the year since I've been gone, they have not been able to fill that role, despite breaking it out into 3 separate positions. The longest administrator made it 3 weeks before quitting. Last year after my departure the following people also resigned: CEO, CFO, Medical Director, Biller, 2 Physicians and about 5 support staff. I'm not saying they left in solidarity or anything, but that kind of mass exit would make any other company take a closer look at what is going on. I wish them all the best- they have an opportunity to help the most needing in the community and I hope eventually they review what that means.
As for me, you can find me skipping through my halls and enjoying the heck out of my life, much like my favorite TV administrator, Gloria Akalitus on Nurse Jackie:

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