Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Hierarchy of Tablet Needs

Last March I wrote a blog post about my hierarchy of smartphone needs. I would have to say that my list has not changed much for smartphone needs:
B. Homescreen Widgets
C. Active App Development
D. LED Notifications
E. Battery Life

In recent months my use has shifted slightly- I am using my Evo View a lot more for media consumption and games. My Droid Pro is where I take my calls, text, IM and generally do the socializing that requires data entry. I am generally happy with my Evo View- my opinion improved greatly after I was able to drop from the $45 monthly data plan down to to $20. In general my biggest gripes are the weight, lack of HBO Go and lack of Hulu Plus. Not huge deal-breakers but annoying nonetheless.These niggles have got me thinking about my hierarchy of tablet needs which are:

A. Portability: Most important thing a tablet must do to be useful to me is fit in my purse. For this reason the 7-8 inch is the max screen size. I'd like it to be as light as possible- I'm learning that from my use of the Evo View!
B. Battery Life: while I can imagine carrying around a spare smartphone battery, I would definitely not tote a tablet battery in my bag.
C. Connectivity: Even though I am mostly covered by Wifi at work and at home, there is something about the freedom in being able to connect anywhere.
D. App Compatibility: even though Honeycomb has been wheting my appetite for a while I just think that its not worth it if all apps won't run on it. I want a tablet that can run all the shiny new apps-especially the media-themed ones (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go).


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