Monday, March 22, 2010

My Hierarchy of Smartphone Needs

After a full day of using Android, I must admit- I like it. I really like it. And once again, its just the form factor of the available devices that will prevent me from making the switch at this point.

As I've gotten more comfortable with the OS, I dug around in the Marketplace to find apps that suit my needs. I realized during my search what I consider to be my hierarchy of needs for a mobile device:

A. Build: A QWERTYbar device that can fit comfortably in one hand

B. Homescreen: A homescreen that allows me to to see at least a few upcoming appointments and weather.

C. Applications: An active community of developers enthusiastic about creating exciting apps.

D. Notifications: I need to be able to have a phone that can silently give me visual cues about whats going on. While in an all-day conference, I need to be able to tell as soon as Seth's daycare is trying to reach me, but not interrupt when I get poked on Facebook.

E. Battery Life: Although I've gotten spoiled by my Blackberry Onyx and its endless battery, if a smartphone was meeting all my other needs, I'd probably be able to work around needing to carry a spare battery etc.

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