Saturday, September 11, 2010

WebOS Revisited

Over the last few months I've had a really strong desire to revisit WebOS. There have been a lot of changes since my first foray into that world over a year ago. I found an auction on eBay and was able to snag an unlocked, used Pixi for about $150.
I received my Pixi yesterday and so far have been reasonably impressed. Its certainly an underpowered step down from the Pre, but it isn't trying to pretend its something that it's not.
So far I've run into the dreaded "too many cards" error more times than I would like to (considering I've never opened more than 4 or 5). The battery life has been pretty decent so far, and the low screen resolution is less noticeable due to the smaller screen size.
Overall, its just enough to give me an idea of whats been happening on the webos front so far. And it also rounds out my collection of phones- joining my Android Nexus One, WM Jasjar and Diamond, and Blackberry 9700!

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