Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Impressions Palm Pre

This morning I sauntered into my nearest RadioShack after 9am and found that they had 2 Palm Pres. I couldn't resist picking one up even though I'm still under my AT&T service. But there's a 30 day trial period so as long as I return it within that window I'll be good.
First impressions are great and my only real gripe is the lack of available apps...and the keyboard. When they say its cramped, they're not kidding.
There isn't a standalone Facebook app yet, but there is an excellent version of Facebook at which combined with being able to open many windows is an acceptable alternative.
Tweed is the Twitter app and it works pretty nicely. My only complaint is that when you receive an @reply you can't simply click on the notification to open it-you have to find the open app window then click on the @replies section to see it.
The appstore is nicely laid out and once its got more in there I can see it will be an exciting place to frequent.
Physically, the build of the Pre is not great. Mine is quite creaky as I type and there are two defects on the right edge of the screen. I'd be taking it back if this was going to be mine to keep, but as I don't plan to keep it I'm going to ignore them for now. 
I'll be putting up some comparison pics shortly so stay tuned. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go flex and massage my sore fingers!

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

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