Friday, September 17, 2010

5 Months of Nexus

I just took a look at my calendar and realized that its been well over 5 months that I've been using my Nexus One. Wow. It feels like in those 5 months I've found a million and one new ways to use my phone. Its my in-car GPS device, my camera, mp3 player. I use PhoneMyPC to connect to my main desktop- the screen makes it a treat to use.
But it also makes me wistful- missing my Nexus before its even gone. I knew as soon as I saw the Galaxy Tab that I would be changing my workflow significantly. Let me explain- I've been biding my time until a QWERTYBar Android device comes along. And I knew that with that device I could imagine using my phone as....well, just a phone- and handing over my other tasks to a smaller tablet device. News that the Tab may be available on contract is even better- a roomy screen and network connectivity wherever I go sounds perfect.
So I plan to enjoy my Nexus for a few more weeks/months until the Tab comes out at which point I may even use my Palm Pixi as my phone-only device. Stranger things have happened!

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