Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Week of Nexus One

A year ago I reluctantly moved over to Blackberry because I couldn't get the Windows Mobile experience of my dreams. At the time I could never have guessed that I would end up using an Android device, and yet, here I am- tapping away at my very own Slabby McSlab! And somehow, I'm perfectly content.
Its been just over a week since I started using my Nexus One and already I can't imagine going back. In the morning I wake up and see the time and weather glowing from the dock. I take it off and use PhoneMyPC to connect to my desktop and initiate a sync of my iPod Touch so that I can get the previous night's television shows (via Tivo Desktop) onto my Touch. A few swipes through my homescreens gets me up-to-date on Twitter, Facebook and the top headlines.

Nexus1 Homescreen 2

During my shower I listen to my audio podcasts that were downloaded automatically via BeyondPod

At work I use my widgets for Toodledo and Agenda to add things and check off my to-do list. I get my emails and instant messages via eBuddy without my battery draining. On my way home I listen to Pandora to relax during my commute.


During shopping trips I use Google Shopper to scan barcodes and find the cheapest price. I take hi-res photos and upload them to my Flickr or Photobucket account.

The bottom line is, I feel a sense of freedom and excitement that's been otherwise stifled for the past year. Everytime I browse the Market, there's something fresh and exciting. Without rooting my Nexus, I'm still able to enjoy tweaks and cosmetic changes I couldn't even dream about on the Blackberry OS. Maybe this will change when Blackberry starts using widgets (OS 6?) but for now, I'm as happy as I was on Windows Mobile, but more so because rather than being on a platform as it dwindles into end stages, I'm on a platform that is just getting started.

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