Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taking Liberties....

If you thought the crazy situation at work had somehow resolved itself, you'd be dead wrong. Yesterday, the manager in question came back from her vacation/sick leave combo thingie and about 9 in the morning she curtly popped her head in my office and told me that she was busy with payroll (we all were!) and that after she was done 'we'll talk'. To which I calmly replied "Good Morning", because, you know, that's how I was raised to start my first conversation of the day with people.
I didn't hear from her again until late afternoon when an email popped up from her telling me she would need to postpone our meeting until Wednesday morning at 10am. I didn't reply- what is there left to say at this point. This morning (Wednesday) at 10:15 she still hadn't shown up in my office, so I went to look for her. She then said she was just about to send me an email, because something else came up and she couldn't make it at 10am.
Here's the thing- I really hate games. And I also hate having my time wasted. If you can't make a 10am meeting, then common decency should at least guide you to cancel no later than a few minutes prior. And if you have the time to sit at your desk to draft a cancellation email, when it would take a few seconds to tell me in person, then something is seriously amiss. If she thinks all this stalling is going to give me time to 'cool off' then she is sorely mistaken. I've already spoken to our CFO about the situation, and she is in total agreement that this is B.S. and disrespectful. She's giving me a few days to attempt to get it all sorted out, at which point it will become a formal sit-down with the CEO, who has already been less than enthralled with her performance and attendance lately.

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