Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last Shot Nano

Well, after all the mishaps of yesterday, I'll start by saying I have a very happy husband now. And that's after spending almost double what he had hoped to!

I called the Apple Store to see what my options were as far as getting the iPod fixed, and the man I spoke to told me they were fully booked for appointments and recommended I just take it back to Walmart. So, once again, we all piled into the truck and headed to our friendly local Walmart. The night before, the salesguy had sold us the very last iPod Nano, so I wasn't sure what we'd end up doing....and then I noticed that they had restocked, and now had tons of iPod Nanos. I scooped one up, opened it to power it up and was ready to do an even exchange when we were informed there was a $30 difference since this was the newest version- complete with a video recorder.

I spent a futile few moments trying to convince them since we had been incovenienced by their defective device, which they could not now evenly exchange for the same device, they ought to consider it an even swap. The manager did not see it my way- she tersely told me she'd rather just give us a refund for the whole thing and have us "go somewhere else" rather than do that. On a sidenote- I'm not saying I was entirely correct, but that was a truly 'duh?' moment for me yesterday. I was my usual charming friendly self and this 'manager' was so unpleasant and her logic was so bizzarre that I was tempted to do just that. In fact, if Dean hadn't insisted on just paying the additional $30 so we wouldn't be forced to continue the ordeal, I would have done just that!

Once we got back home, it was a simple matter of connecting it to Dean's computer to get all his podcasts synced up since I had already installed iTunes the previous evening. Everything loaded up nicely, and this morning he was happy to get all of his ESPN and/or NFL podcasts, albeit a few days behind. I spoke to him this afternoon, and so far the verdict is in: Apple's not that sucky after all!

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