Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top BlackBerry Apps I'd Love to See

Last year I spent a lot of time ruminating on what apps I'd like to see on the Windows Mobile platform. This year, with my transition to Blackberry, I resolved a number of those wishlist items:
1.Facebook client
3. Friendfeed client (built into Viigo)
4. ZonaSnap uploads directly to photobucket and copies the HTML code into my notepad
5. Flickr app lets me upload photos.
7. Meetup client (Pageonce lets me view upcoming events and my greetings)
8. Banking client (Pageonce shows me balances on multiple accounts)
However, the move has made me long for some other applications that are currently not available on Blackberry. My new wishlist includes.
1. A comprehensive, free eBay app
2. A Google-Reader sync app to give me only unread items on my device and desktop
3. A barcode app- I'd like to be able to scan items and then add them to a list, or research where to buy them.
4. A database app with customizable fields including photos.
5. Kinoma for Blackberry (all-in-one YouTube, Flickr, multi-media app)
For now, that's it. Only about half the number from my WM days. Now, developers, get to work....please???

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