Sunday, May 4, 2008

Top WM Programs I'd Love to See

Lately I've found myself wishing for more when it comes to the Windows mobile platform- the devices are getting flashier and better, but how about a broader range of useable applications? I'm not talking about 'applications' which simply look like skinned versions of PIE but actual robust solutions.
Here are some that I'd like to see developed:

1. A Facebook client- a nice interface, maybe even with a today plugin to show number of pokes, messages, online friends. 

2. An eBay program- similar to the abandonware 'Abidia'

3. A Friendfeed client- if it incorporated and Digg that would be even better.

4. A Photobucket program- that would allow me to browse my pics, but also 'blog this' to post 
to my blog using a selected photo.

5. A Flickr program- same as number 4. 

6. An updateable database of the data in just being able to use the PDA master or comparer feature on the go would be huge.

7. A client- I'd even take a mobile version of the website

8. Banking programs- just something to be able to see balances on multiple accounts. 

9. A GReader program- that syncs with the desktop version to show only unread stories.

10. A SecondLife program- hopefully Vollee will deliver this one soon.

What are some that you would like to see?

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