Friday, June 19, 2009

TouchCloset- My 'Clueless' Dream Come True

Remember a few months ago when I talked about searching for the perfect virtual closet? As it turned out- there's an app for that. My solution using iSort was getting a bit old, and I was tired of only being able to manage my list via my iPod Touch, so I went back to the drawing board again. This time I found TouchCloset: a free, fantastic, closet managing software that has a real-time sync with its web version. You need the iPod Touch to create your account, and add items to your closet initially, but once that legwork is done, you can use the website to edit your entries, or make notes.

I found it a little annoying that you couldn't add or view last worn date via the web, and I hope thats soon fixed, but for now I can just use the notes field to keep that info accessible on both platforms. One really nice thing for me is that I've already done the hard part of taking photos of all my pieces, now I just need to pull those images into the application.

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