Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Disrespect for IT Guys- from Sprint!

No sooner had I complained about the general lack of goodwill/ strategy on the part of Sprint and Palm, than do we get another bomb dropped: Sprint does not want to sell the Pre to the "wrong" customer. And who would that be, exactly? Well, according to their internal documents as shown over on Engadget, that would be IT-Centric business users. Its not enough that IT guys already get no respect, but now Sprint has to rub salt in the wound? Look, I don't mind the guidelines, and having the salesforce for the Pre being trained on who would benefit from the device- its that last line that really bugs me. Seriously, Sprint? You can't afford to sell the Pre to the wrong customers? Because the last time I checked, you can't afford to not sell anything to anyone.

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