Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Category: Letters from the Cleav

Its been about 3 years since I last blogged about my Subway Peeves, which was my outlet to rant about all the things that annoyed me on my daily commute on the New York MTA. Fortunately, now we live in good old Texas and I have the luxury of driving everywhere I need to go and have no more gruesome tales for you. However, one of my best friends, 'the Cleav' still lives in the big Apple and regales me weekly with tales that have me doubled over in laughter. I've decided I simply have to share.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Letters from the Cleav. I will post them as I get them after this initial batch. Don't judge her from her punctuation- most times she sends me this from her phone!

Mon, 20 Oct 2008 15:30:46 -0400
Subject: cheetos for lunch
okay so i hate the students on this campus that feed the birds and squirrels because then they attack when you try to eat outside... i am so poor today that i bought a bag of cheetos for lunch. and i was sitting outside on a bench and the little critters heard the bag opening and came running...2 squirrels and like 12 little birds...and they come right up to me to where i could pet them or hit them, first i felt like Snow White with all the little animals around her as she sings in the forest, but I'm just not nice enough to them for that to be true...I looked like I had some sort of motor reflex disorder because I kept flailing my arms and legs violently to scare them away which would work until they came right back over and over again...and as if that didn't make me look crazy enough, I was on the phone with Jen and yelling "get away from me! i'm not giving you a cheeto! don't you know we are in a recession?!?!?!"

From: Cleav
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 9:15 AM
To: Lulu
i have a mini-crush on my bus driver. i get him almost every morning if i
catch the 8:05am...he is kinda cute but not really that much...but he is
really mean to stupid people on the bus which i love...a man after my own
heart ;-)
On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 11:13 AM, Lulu wrote:
Hahaha! How many days have you caught the bus on days you don't have to be
anywhere just to spend time with him???!
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On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 11:21 AM, Cleav wrote:
LOL! none so far...but that's not a bad idea...this morning some guy
tried to say he pushed the button to get off at the next stop and the bus
driver was like really loud and said "tell the truth, you didn't push it"
like over and over until the guy finally broke and was like "ok well i
didn't push it in time but--" and the driver stops him and says "see, if you
woulda told the truth i woulda let you off but you didn't so now you have to
walk" and i was just looking at him with little hearts coming out of my
eyes...i sure know how to pick 'em!

Time: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 12:15:30 -0400
From: Cleav
Subject:NYC bus adventures with Cleav

so this morning was tons of fun...I got stuck in line for the bus behind this man who must've been the only polite person left in the city because instead of pushing his way on the bus like you have to in New York, he decides to let everyone in front of him...literally 8 or 9 people just hopping on the bus that is almost full and I can't get on because he is blocking me... Finally I said "Can you go please?" and the guy behind me said "seriously man you can't be so nice" and he finally got on. Now, I might seem like a heartless person when I tell you that you cannot be that nice in New York City but anyone who lives here knows it is the absolute truth. The only time I let anyone on the bus before me (if I was there first) is if it's an old person...and usually they have to have some sort of cane or walking device on top of that...otherwise, sorry, i was here first, get out of my way. Cutting in line for the bus is just one of my pet peeves that I have after living in the city for a few years and I just can't help it. Now once I'm on the bus, if I get a seat I will be the first one to give it up for an older person (with or without a walking device) or a pregnant woman or a child because I know they have to hang on for dear life when the bus driver decides to take the corners going 40mph...big strong grown men won't give up their seat but I always will, no problem...but DON'T and i mean DON'T cut in front of me in line or we will have a problem.

now that i have gotten that out of the way...back to this morning's I'm packed on the bus with people that think it's okay to be pressed up against each other and I am smelling smells that just aren't supposed to be smelled...things you only smell when you are in really close proximity to someone...bad breath and greasy just aren't supposed to smell those things but on the bus this morning, it was on. there i am without a seat, hanging onto this nasty greasy pole, already dreaming about breaking out the anti-bacterial wipes in my purse, and practically straddling the man sitting comfortably in front of me while the bus driver is careening over the Triborough Bridge with no regard for the people that are standing up on his bus. and all i'm thinking is "whatever dude, go as fast as you want, because the sooner i can stop smelling this man's armpit next to me, the better" it's never a good thing when you would rather end up going through the windshield when the bus stop short than continue being subjected to the stank next to you, right? but this morning, that's just the way it was. as i'm hanging on with all my might all of a sudden i hear a woman preaching the word of god...yep, some lady thought it was time to convince all of us "sinners" to repent and follow the word of the lord if we wanted to meet him in the kingdom of heaven. all i was thinking was "lady, can you ask your wonderful god to get me off this bus with all you crazy people?" anyway, her lovely speech lasted about 10 minutes, just enough time for me to somehow reach into my pocket and turn my i-pod on blast and curse my life.

so after a few stops i finally get a seat which is such a great thing right? not so much...because this morning's bus population was straight out of Ringling you just don't know who's gonna sit down next to you. i got lucky and just a semi-smelly person sat next to me...but the lady in front of me decided this was a great time to comb her greasy dandruff hair while she bopped to the beat of her music like she was on Soul i watched the comb go through her hair and the greasy white powder build up in her comb, it took everything i had to not dry-heave right there...but it gets better because an even nastier person sat down next to her...the fattest woman i have ever seen on 2 it is really hard for me to not have sympathy for someone like that because i truly do feel for extremely overweight people but when they have not bathed in a good 3 weeks my sympathy goes right out the window. this woman was so gross that the greasy dandruff soul train woman was actually that's just unacceptable...if you can manage to gross out the crazy greasy dandruff lady, then it is just time to take a shower, ya know? i just closed my eyes and prayed that it would be over soon...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Over the Hump

Its been pretty quiet over here for a reason- lots has been happening in my personal life, all of it good I'm glad to say. In general I tend to keep Mobigasmic about all things tech but every now and again I fill you in on my life as a whole. Yes, I do have a journal but I imagine you don't mind hearing what's going on with me every so often!
Its been a relatively trying year up until recently. I had made the decision to return to work after having Seth, but I didn't bank on it being such a closed network over here. I have what I consider to be a pretty good (great, even) resume and after my last position at Columbia University Medical Center/ NY Presbyterian I imagined I would have no problem being swept up in no time. Sadly, not the case: I suppose in the financial situation this country is in everyone is looking for the cheapest way to go, and that 'gal from the big city' just seemed expensive even before salary negotiations. I don't know, but it was a frustrating experience after spending the last few years being wooed from one position to the next all across the Tri-State area.
And speaking of the financial situation, that is probably the most nerve-wracking thing to see and read about while unemployed. Even though I am quite fiscally savvy (before moving to Texas I had saved up for our new home's deposit, furnishings, and 2+ years of bills) it was scary to think of heading into a recession, or even depression on only one income.
On an even more personal note I was feeling really sad that my mother hadn't yet been able to come to the States to see my son. I hadn't seen her in 3 years and it just made me cry to hold up the phone every weekend to him so they could hear each other's voice. So I was mega excited when finally everything got sorted and she and her sister were both able to come in time to celebrate his first birthday (October 23)! Its been a fantastic week and it feels so surreal to see him bonding with my mother- she's even sleeping in his room next to his crib and they spend the mornings reading together before going downstairs.
And while they were here I had an interview and got a job offer as soon as I arrived home! I start on November 3rd and am so psyched to be back in the grind! Seriously, I love what I do. And to be able to work at a community health center is a blessing and then some.
Now I see some slow signs that the economy's tailspin might be getting under control- gas prices are stabilizing, bailout funds are being dispersed, and with the elections around the corner maybe more greatness is to come.
Pretty much the only thing I have to moan about is when the heck AT&T are going to release the Fuze (Touch Pro) already. Thank goodness I didn't waste my upgrade getting that iPhone to sell, huh? See, things are definitely looking up!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

"Transparent" HTC Diamond

Not sure how practical this is, but it looks like a cool thing to be able to do.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Funny fact: Pics of 'brokers with hands on their faces' make great for wallpaper


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via PalmAddicts by Andy J. S. on 10/25/08


I didn't mean to disrespect for those who are in the hardest days of their life, caused by the down turn of U.S. economy. All is started when Lehman Brothers announced their bankruptcy, and then the domino effect took place.

As the whole world is still struggling to get back to where the economy was once, there are plenty of people show different expression when dealing with the inevitable stress. The most easy to see is the expression of the brokers, who deal with the up and down of stocks on the trading floor.

Strangely enough, there's a site now which dedicate itself to post pictures of those poor traders' facial expressions; called "The Brokers with Hands on Their Face Blog."

Found it via Switched, and Tim Stevens who posted it share a little bit of wisdom: "The pictures are humorous for sure and it's hard to stifle a chuckle while scrolling through, but don't laugh too hard -- have you looked at your 401(k) lately?" ;-p

As for me, I have another useful purpose when I collected those pictures. I use them as wallpaper for my Treo, and change them every now and then; so I'll have memorabilia wallpapers of what have happened. I also pasted the good pics together, and use them as one giant wallpaper for my desktop PC.

How about you? Have you found one that you like most? ;-)

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

iKit by iMovio - What is exactly? A netbook or a sibling to the handheld?

I suppose I could see someone using this as a companion to a straight cell phone, but just seems oddly made.


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via!::.. by Tommy Lawson on 10/21/08

According to iKit's website, it is"Think of the iKIT as a mini laptop without the complexity. It's built like a laptop with a rugged processor and Linux based operating system, but that's where the comparison ends.

It's the ideal chat, email and internet accessory because it contains all the essentials without the size and cost. With several key multimedia features like music and video as well a video camera for VoIP video conferencing and you have the ultimate mobile-communicator."

This device reminds of the Sony UX50 handheld device, which was released 5 years ago. Specifications are also quite same. The only two difference I see is the use of Linux OS and cheaper price. UX50 retailed at around $650 at that time. Sure, this won't cost that much as time and technology has changed a lot. It is planned to be launched at Q3 of 2009. I would love to get my hands on one of these though to see how well the linux runs on it

Full Specifications

Processor Marvell PXA270 312MHz
Operating System Linux 2.4.19
User Interface GUI : Proprietary plus Trolltech QT/E 2.3.8

Display Icons / Indicators
- Battery signal strength
- WiFi active/inactive/level
- Bluetooth® active/inactive
- Date & time

Home screen: 8 icons
- Email, launches Email application
- IM launches Instant Messaging application
- Web browser, launches browser application
- Contacts, launches A-Z listing contacts
- Multimedia, open 2nd level icon screen with
- icons for, Video player, Music Player, File manager
- Wireless, open 2nd level icon screen with icons for
- BT, WiFi
- iKIT, open 2nd level icon screen for Display settings,
- Date & Time, Sound settings
- Utilities, Open 2nd level icon screen with icons
- for PC Sync

- QWERTY/AZERTY + numeric keys, other
- languages optional
- 2 soft keys, 5 quick access keys, multi directional
- key, power on/off key, volume up/down key
- Backlight: White

- 16 mm built-in, monophonic

Memory Internal
- ROM : 128 MB, RAM : 64 MB SDRAM
- User  data : 12MB, User media files : 23MB

Memory External
- Micro SD (up to 8GB)

- 2.8 inch QVGA, TFT, 260 000 colors, landscape

- 0.3 MP fixed focus camera (Option)
- Viewfinder: 15 fps, 16-bit color depth
- Image format: JPEG, fine and standard
- compression, user selectable
- Digital zoom: Up to 3X smooth digital zoom with
- 7 steps
- Effects: Color, black & white, negative, sepia
- Capture time: less than 2 seconds to return to
- viewfinder mode after shuttered

- Built-in for use as an alert

- 95 mm (L) x 65 mm (W) x 15.5 mm (H)

- 113 g (with battery)

Form factor
- Clamshell

- Bluetooth® 2.0 with EDR, supports wireless
- stereo headset
- (A2DP) & DUN profile
- WIFI® IEEE 802.11 b/g

- Mini-USB 1.1 used for charging, PC data exchange
- and wired stereo headset.

- Web browser Opera Mini 4.1

- JTWI / JSR75 compliant

Email Protocols

Instant Messaging
- Support MSN

Audio Formats
- MIDI, WAV and MP3

Image Formats

Video Formats
- 3GP, MP4 and AVI format, Maximum size
- 25 fps video playback for QVGA size video
- clips
- Support full-screen display

Contact List
- Maximum 2 000 records

- Maximum 1 000 events

PC Sync

- With Outlook 2000/2003 & Outlook Express v6
- (emails, contacts, calendar)

Personal Features
- Calculator
- Media folder
- Notepad
- World clock
- Alarm clock
- Stop Watch
- Countdown Timer

- 1050 mAh, Li-ion
- Standby Time; up to 250h
- Power-up Time; up to 3h (25% data download
- per hour)
- Gaming Time; up to 4h (java game)
- Charging time: 2.5-3.5 hr to full charge from flat
- with device power off

- Velvet Black, Satin White – other colours available
- to order

Box Contents
- iKIT
- Battery
- Mini USB / USB cable
- USB stereo earpiece
- Charger
- User guide and CD


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

FLASHBACK: My Old Nokia 3390

I happened to dig into my junk/cable cord drawer and stumbled onto my old phone from about 5 years ago...A Nokia 3390! I plugged it in and found that it still works, and took a tour through some of the features that I enjoyed for the time I was using it:


First of all, the phone had a cute option for wallpaper. I have no idea where I got this one from, but apparently that's how I rolled!



Wow, this phone even had instant messaging! I bet I used to keep all my passwords on my Handspring Visor and then enter it onto the phone...
I stumbled upon this site where I was able to get my phone unlocked in no time, and now I have a backup phone to use in case of emergencies!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get Ready for the Xperia- Read the Manual

If you've been getting antsy waiting for the Sony Xperia to be released, then you may enjoy killing a few moments perusing the user manual. After all, the more time you spend RTFM now, the more time you'll have to spend playing with your shiny new toy once it arrives!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"AppStore" for Windows Mobile....Coming Soon?

TMobile G1 Gets 'Meh-ed'

Engadget has posted some their take on the Tmobile G1, the latest android Google phone. For me, the big downer of this phone is its inability to sync with a desktop PC. I'm a huge advocate of offline storage, especially after my network fiasco last year as we prepared to move. But, to those of you who are not deterred- it certainly has a robust set of features....except for the camera, which is CRAPtastic:

Meanwhile, over at Crunchgear, they are less than impressed with its build quality and battery life. Their conclusion:

If you’ve been waiting for Android then I suggest you keep waiting. The overall OS seems to be held together by duct tape and needs a lot of work. Apple focuses on the minute details to enrich the overall experience for iPhone users and Android could learn a lesson or ten from it. The hardware design is dated and while the touch-screen and keyboard are great you can’t just forget about the wretched battery life, horrible GPS and the overall ergonomics of it. I wish the G1 were better in every respect because I don’t think the iPhone is that great, but I find myself wishing it were more like it. It’s the best alternative to the iPhone, but it’s just not there yet.

BoyGeniusReport has also got a few words, in summary:
How in the world could someone perfect the Android experience across that broad range of hardware when even the first unit doesn’t do that? In the meantime, we think the up-and-coming mobile consumer/prosumer will love the G1 as long as they know what it is. It’s not a BlackBerry, it’s not a Sidekick. You could think of it as the adult Sidekick though, and that, my friends, is what people have been waiting for, for a very long time.
Overall, no one seems blown away, and no one seems overtly disappointed. Just another case of...meh.

Birthday Reminders Triggering at Midnight: Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

This is also a pet peeve of mine!


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via Pocket PC by Jason Dunn on 10/17/08

It's a couple of minutes after midnight, and I'm trying to finish an article before hitting the pillow - and what should chime loudly beside me? My Windows Mobile smartphone, helpfully telling me that it's someone's birthday tomorrow. Birthday reminders are great - I'd miss almost every birthday without them. But why, please someone tell me why, would someone at Microsoft have thought that birthday reminders should trigger at midnight? Is there some maniacal Windows Mobile program manager who calls people one minute after midnight to wish them a happy birthday? I can't think of a single reason why anyone would want their phone chiming at midnight to remind them of a birthday. 10 AM on the day of the person's birthday? Sure, why not. Midnight? Insanity.

There's been more than one occasion when I've forgotten to put my phone in silent mode and I've left it downstairs in the kitchen, only to be woken up by the reminder chiming about someone's birthday. The problem is that birthdays are automatically created as all day events, starting at 12 AM on the day of the person's birthday and ending at 12 AM on the day after their birthday. Short of going through and editing every birthday reminder I have in my calendar, is there a solution for this ridiculousness? And why, with the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system on my phone, hasn't this been fixed? Every version of Windows Mobile Microsoft adds some swanky new Exchange feature, yet these irritating little bugs don't get fixed. It's enough to make a guy stay up late on a Friday night ranting about it...


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All Fuze, All the Time....

By now you're familiar with the drill- I get it in my head to get a particular device, and suddenly I can't think of anything but that one item. I've spent every free moment poring over reviews and videos of the HTC Touch Pro...and I have to admit, this could be *the one*.

I have a lot of reasons for wanting this device, and a few for bailing on the HP iPaq 910. One of the big reasons why I was excited to get the iPaq was to have a device that had a whole bunch of accessories to be able to choose from and also forums to be able to discuss with other users. I really missed that interaction during my time with the Ubiquio, and have been saddened to find that things are only marginally more open with my iPaq.
I also am really disappointed with the camera. This is the first time in my life that I have a subject that I love to photograph a million times a day, and the camera is so slow that most of the photos I've taken of my son look like I was trying to catch Usain Bolt as he crossed the finish line!
And I have missed a VGA screen since the days of my Jasjar. That fact alone almost made me desperate enough to dabble in the Blackberry Bold.
I've carefully evaluated the way I use my device and have realized that I would prefer to have more screen real estate over a front-facing keyboard. I also really want to have enough space onscreen to be able to have all my favorite plugins on my todayscreen at a glance.
So, October 23rd, or November 4th , whichever ends up being the release date of the AT&T Fuze, can't come soon enough!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Windows Mobile running on hacked iPhone 3G

Now *this* would spell trouble for the HTC Touch HD if is actually true!


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via PHONE Magazine by Brenda Stokes on 10/13/08

Well this one's different. Erik Kristiansen, a Norwegian developer, claims to have hacked the iPhone 3G in order to run Windows Mobile on the handset. And during a video interview at the MyPhone2008 conference, he showed off the hacked iPhone.

During the video, Kristiansen demonstrates WM6.1 Pro loading up and then shows navigation between different apps like Excel Mobile and the Today homescreen. Though he's calling the hack a beta at the moment, there will be a release for it in January 2009 if all goes to plan. At the moment, we don't know how he has accomplished this hack, but it would be safe to assume a jailbroken iPhone 3G was the starting off point.

This is interesting news for those that like Windows Mobile. However, I'm pretty sure most people that have the iPhone love that OS and the interface and wouldn't dream of "messing it up" with WM6.1. Think this is too crazy to be true? It might be a hoax. The developer may very well be just playing a video demo of WM6.1 on the iPhone and pretending to tap with it.

[via SlashGear]


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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Device Indecision


I haven't paid much attention to the whole Touch Diamond hoopla over the past couple of months....something about those touchscreen only devices just doesn't get me going. I hadn't even been that enthused about the Touch Pro until I started to hear rumors that it would be coming to AT&T as the Fuze for a quite reasonable price of $299.
You see, my main interest in the Blackberry Bold was the screen- I just miss a VGA resolution screen, and the idea of getting (half)VGA on a QWERTYbar device sounded delightful. As far as WM smartphones go, the only keyboarded devices in recent memory with VGA are the iMate 9502 and the Jasjar.
Briefly last year I had the AT&T 8525 with the slideout keyboard and found the experience to be ill-timed- Seth was a teeny tiny guy and spent most of his time in my arms being held or breastfed, and I really needed a one handed device. Fast forward to the present, and I am getting a little tired of the tiny screens. I think I probably will be giving this one a whirl...let's see how the pricing goes.

Friday, October 10, 2008

SlingPlayer Mobile a No-Go for Square Screen

A word of warning before you order that Treo Pro, Treo 800w, Samsung i780- SlingPlayer won't work on it! It seems that SlingPlayer for mobile does not support 320x320 resolution and even though they say its 'on the horizon' who knows how long that could be.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ask Lulu

Hey lulu,

I know you've been one of the big proponents of this phone - are you still liking it? I've got one on the way and am curious what has and hasn't worked for you. Did you install a new "shell" (pocketplus, pocketbreeze, etc)?
What kind of battery life are you getting these days? I probably talk 90 minutes a day, read a lot of email (maybe respond to 1-2, send a dozen SMS's), and surf the web minimally... Hoping I can make it through the day, though I'm prepared to buy a spare battery and desktop charger.
Thanks in advance!


This one comes from Adam over on HowardForums.

Hi Adam
Well, yes I am still liking my HP 910. Very happy with it in fact. The only gripe that I have is that the camera is quite slow to capture images and once in a blue moon the keys don't work when its turned on. But this is more stability than I've had in any device I've owned in recent memory (Ubiquio, 8525, Blackjack all had their own quirks).
Battery life is not bad. My usage is a bit hard to gauge- My phone gets its heaviest usage early in the day and then at the end of the day. I invested in a spare battery and a battery charger which allows me to swap out to a fresh battery before my evening hub of use. In the evening I make several calls, stream music as we sit out on the deck and occasionally use WiFi to watch the SlingBox as we sit out.
I'm not a big proponent of 'shells'. I prefer the convenience of having plugins easily accessible to me. I also find they tend to slow down a device.
Hope you enjoy your HP as well!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why Halloween's Going to Suck this Year

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can't Get Your Hands on a Jasjar?

Here's a creative way to morph your Tilt into a...Lean?


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via Tilt Site by Sdakidd on 10/7/08

I would like to first off introduce myself, my name is Sam Velez. I have something here for all of you brave souls out there… A tilt mod for your screen. I personally haven't done this only because I don't feel like voiding my warranty, (WHICH THIS WILL VOID YOU WARRANTY!!) so for all you brave people who don't care or are out of warranty this is for you!

A while back I cracked my screen and I managed to replaced the screen without voiding my warranty but while I was searching online for a decent set of instructions to guide me through the process I ran across TonyChen from the xda developers forums who provided a guide on how to mod you Kaiser to tilt 90 DEG which I think is just awesome.

SONY DSC                     This makes you phone look even more like a mini laptop, as well as gives you a much better angle to view your screen at. The process involves taking your tilt apart and slightly cutting the part of your phone that connects the keyboard and the screen. Now remember DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! The guide is a PDF and has lots of great pics to help you along. Good Luck!

Here it is! Kaiser Screen Mod

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Velocity Mobile 103....Double Meh!


After a whole bunch of delays the 103 has finally been CNet at least. Their review was not the most favorable for a VGA device, in a nutshell:

The good: The Velocity 103 has a sharp VGA touch screen and offers over-the-air software updates. The Windows Mobile smartphone also features HSDPA support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

The badThe bad: The Velocity Odyssey user interface isn't that intuitive and has a tiny onscreen keyboard.

The bottom lineThe bottom line: Though the Velocity 103 offers a lot in the features department, the Windows Mobile smartphone is going to have a tough time competing in the space because of its unintuitive interface, performance issues, and high price tag.

As far as I'm concerned, Velocity Mobile has already got 3 strikes against them:
1. Failure to launch within their specified time frame- unforgivable for a newcomer
2. Failure to communicate with the community. No one has any idea when the 111 or 103 will ever come out.
3. Failure to adhere to their much touted- 'low price range'.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How Do You eRead?


I admit to having a heavy addiction to MobiPocket. Even though eReader has recently added the ability to buy and download books OTA, I still gravitate to MobiPocket for all my eBooks.
Here's why I love MobiPocket so much:

-The desktop reader: it provides a nice bookshelf where you can see the covers of all your book and the view a synopsis and read the entire book. All the books I've purchased over the last 4 years are as easily accessible to me as if I had bought a hard copy.

-Cross-Platform support: Not only is there a desktop version, there is also a version for Symbian, Palm and Blackberry. During my time with the Nokia e71, putting my books on it was as simple as opening the desktop reader while it was connected. Mobipocket detected a new device and offered to install the reader and any books of my choice seamlessly. This means that if in the future I do decide to defect to another platform, my books will move easily with me.

-MobiPocket Creator: with this I can convert any PDF, HTML, Txt or Word documents into eBooks and add them to my library.

If you haven't got an eBook solution yet, I highly recommend this freeware. With MobiPocket creator you can even get free ebooks using sources like ManyBooks!