Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Phone is better than Your Phone...

Let's face it, everyone wants to feel like they have the best phone that their money can buy. Its one of the main reason that people go trolling in blogs and forums, to pick fights to be able to get in all the jabs. Symptoms of this type of behaviour is to constantly downplay the negatives aspects of their phones and over-hype the good. My cousin is an excellent example of this- her two 'killer' features that touts on her Blackberry Curve are the size and the Blackberry Chat. Even after her last visit caused her to purchase a Jasjar. But if you remind her of her Curve's inability to open word attachments natively, or her constant memory woes, its like a glaze comes over her eyes as she chants 'that's not really important to me'. 

To me, I always feel that the best way to feel happy about your mobile purchase is easy:

1. Make a list of your minimum requirements ( for me, that usually includes 3G, a physical QWERTY keyboard, WiFi)

2. Make a list of third party applications you can't do without (for me, that's Twitter, Facebook, IM, Weather)

3. Name your single killer feature (for me, its a customizable homescreen- the ability to take in a LOT of information in one glance is important).

And then purchase accordingly. I tend to see my devices as a pda with a phone builtin, as opposed to a phone with PDA functionality. This distinction is very important! 

In my opinion, I think the breakdown of users is something like this:

-PDA with Phone functions= Windows Mobile Pro

-Email with PDA functions= Blackberry

-Phone with PDA functions= Symbian/WM Standard

-MultiMedia with PDA functions= iPhone

So, plan accordingly and you won't get pwned like the poor guy in this story!

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