Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Found the Perfect Journal- Thanks Frank!


A few days ago I mentioned how I was in search of a perfect journal app, and boy did I ever get one! Frank Mcpherson reminded me of Evernote- a note taking/clipper application that I've never quite gotten into the groove of. I installed it, but couldn't find a way to incorporate it into my daily web usage. 

I decided to give it a try, and wow, it is perfect. I copied over all my entries from Daynotez,  and was thrilled with how accessible all the information was across all my devices. Then, inspired by the results, I started scanning some of my old handwritten journals into the program and marking the date to match the entry. 

Since I've always been looking for a way to back up my blog as well, I created another 'notebook' and used the clipper function to keep a copy of it in Evernote. That also gives me a nice easy way to search through and find specific text whether I wrote it in my journal or on my blog! 

So, as usual, asking is the best way to get an answer! Thank you for a fantastic suggestion, Frank!

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