Friday, May 9, 2008

Woopra- Real Time, InDepth Monitoring of your Site


Woopra has been around for a bit so this certainly isn't breaking news, but I always like to have experienced these things first hand before penning my opinion about them. I first heard about Woopra a number of weeks (months?) ago while watching the Geekbrief podcast. You can watch the video clip below which show exactly what its all about. I signed up for the beta and got an invitation today and it is amazing! I even got to try the cool 'live chat' feature which lets you communicate with someone viewing your page in real time (although I've already got this in my Plugoo bar to the right). I can't see being glued to this 24/7 as I'm not really a stats-hound, but it is cool to see who's reading and other cool info about them!

GBTV #337 | Introducing Woopra from Neal Campbell on Vimeo.

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