Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My First Vacation with Perfect Vision!

Yesterday I got back from a mini-vacation to Mexico City....and it was the first trip I have had without worrying about contacts/glasses and it was GLORIOUS!

For starters, I left on Friday night after a long day of work. Usually, that would mean my gritty eyes would need a break from my contact lenses.

On my first day there, I went to a Temazcal, which is a traditional steam/sweat lodge. I have *always* wanted to try this but each time I've gone to a regular sauna I've either sat in steamed up glasses or totally blind (I learned quickly that contacts would stick to my eyeballs). This trip to the Temazcal was an intensely healing one. I found myself more open than I have been and had a lot of catharsis during the shaman's healing.

On my second day I took a ride in a hot air balloon over Teotihuacan. We left at 5am to make it in time for the sunrise take-off. This was a day that definitely would have been a struggle for me pre-ICL: Too early for contacts, but then a paralyzing fear of losing my glasses over the edge of the hot air balloon. It was amazing to take it all in, with crisp, clear vision.

The rest of the trip was spent exploring and at every interval I had things that made my time easier by not having to worry about dry contacts. Especially the tequila. Just saying... 

One of the big advantages of having ICL was to be able to travel and move unfettered, explore, get lost, without a crippling fear of how to manage and maneuver my glasses and contact lenses. With this mini trip I have definitely confirmed that this was the perfect choice for me!