Thursday, February 16, 2017

One Week Post Op- ICL Surgery

1 Week follow-up day! The most exciting thing I was looking forward to today was the green light to stop taping those shields to my face at bedtime!

I came in today and had Natalie get me ready for my appointment with Dr. Ryne. We went to test on one of the machines (the one I lovingly call the hot air balloon thingie) and then to the exam room to check my eye pressure. It was 11, which by all accounts sounded pretty good. My vision is now actually *better* than 20/20- it is 20/15!

Dr. Ryne came in and was full of good news- my eyes are healing very well, I'm cleared to stop all drops (except artificial tears if needed). And, most importantly, I can sleep without those shields!

I still wondered how delicately I had to treat my eyes- Dr. Ryne put me at ease by sharing an update he had from a conference he attended where soldiers in bomb zones had MRI's taken and their ICLs hadn't been dislodged! So, mascara, here I come!

My next appointment is in 3 months....I bade goodbye to all the wonderful staff at Clearview Eyecare- Mackenzie at the front desk, Natalie, Austin, and...Brianne! What an amazing team- what an amazing experience! I am *so* glad I got the courage to do this!

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