Saturday, February 4, 2017

Iridotomy Recovery

After my iridotomy on Wednesday afternoon I was, to be frank, in a world of pain and discomfort. I have been reassured several times that this is the worst part of this process. I truly hope so. By late Wednesday night the halos around lights were gone to my great relief. I was prescribed drops that I have been using 4 times a day and will need to stop 2 days before surgery. They help, but leave a bitter taste in my mouth shortly after I put them in my eyes. They are also white, so there is a tendency to get some weird eye goo after I put them in. None of these are big deals though. 
I've noticed that if I go too long, my face starts to feel a bit tender. That happened today and I had to high-tail it home to get some Ibuprofen in me. 
I got my nails done today and am having my hair done tomorrow. The last time I had surgery I didn't think of doing all this the weekend before so I had to go quite a while before I could do both.... #lessonlearned 

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