Friday, February 10, 2017

1st Day Post Op- ICL Surgery

I woke up this morning and my first thought was 'how am I seeing my clock???' Yes, I was seeing my bedside clock for the first time ever (and it wasn't because I had passed out with my contacts in). Of course, I was seeing them through the snazzy shields with perforated holes so that was fun for me, too.

Day 1 post op my eyes have felt quite light sensitive today. I've worn my funky sunglasses most of the day and my drops have saved me. At points in the day, I've been unable to open my eyes in light. BUT, it is day one so some tenderness is to be expected. I went for my post-op appointment today and both eyes are now at 20-20...Hurray!

Dr. Lyons has been such a blessing to us!

I have so many thoughts on ICL. Should you do it? Only you can answer that. It takes a ton of research, self-reflection and bank account analysis to decide the right thing. For me, it was the best option and it was the exact right time in my life to do it. I have reflected on whether I would have chosen it over Lasik if that had been an option... On the one hand, it is a much more popular route and there is more long-term data available. However, of the 3 people that I know personally who have undergone Lasik recently, 1 is not pleased with the results and already needs an adjustment. And I have been surprised to find that more people who I know to be glasses-wearers now actually had Lasik years ago. For me, I wanted something guaranteed.

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