Monday, March 21, 2016

Project: Living Room Dress-Up

Let me start by saying there wasn't anything 'wrong' with our living room per se, it was just....meh:

Functional but very basic
I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do except that I latched on to a 'travel' theme (see the trunk, and the world map?) and that was it. After we finished out kitchen I just knew that I wanted to do more. So, here's what I came up with:

1. I ordered 2 wingback chairs from World Market and replaced the bench I had there. 
2. I went nuts with my plants. I mean, I just went to town!
3. I bought pillows from Pier 1 and Tuesday morning and struck a delicate balance between design and functionality on the couch. It definitely needed some color but I don't think the boys would enjoy having to relocate a bunch of throw pillows to be able to sit down. 
4. I got some more wall decor to spruce up the higher levels of the windows. The only piece I had on the wall in the living room was really getting dwarfed by all the unused space. 
5. This is, in my opinion, the big one- window dressing. We removed the blinds and suddenly had 21 feet of wall/window combination that really needed attention. So, I bought 6 panels of curtains from Pier 1 and a friend helped me sew 3 apiece into 2 super-long panels. 

So, the results?

Here is the window wall by day...
And here is how it looks at night. 

Overall, I'm thrilled to bits by how it all came out! 

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