Tuesday, May 26, 2015

AT&T Uverse vs DirecTV

We have had DirecTV since 2001 (at least, Dean has had it since then. I joined him in 2004 when we moved in together and happily left Time Warner Cable in NYC). Generally we had been quite happy with it until we moved last October at which point we started having some weird equipment issues (HDMI cable, some other part, etc) that caused us to spend a fair amount of time on the phone with DirecTV and they even had to send our a repairman on Thanksgiving Day. By the end of the year we decided to switch to AT&T Uverse since we already have their phone and internet service.
After 5 very unfulfilling months I have just made the call to switch back to DirecTV and could not be happier. Here are my main Uverse TV gripes:

1. The interface is sooooo slow! Doing a search takes forever and there is no way to access your most recent searches.
2. Your purchased rentals don't show up in your recorded show list. So, the only way to retrieve the show if you have had to pause it is by using the search (see #1).
3. The preview box while searching through channels. We accidentally forgot to have the child lock on the TV as we scrolled one evening and I was horrified to see a very inappropriate scene from 'Girls' pop up in the box. We caught it before my son could see it or figure out what was coming next but that was traumatizing for us.
4. The 'recorded' shows folder. For an unknown reason, most of the shows are listed individually instead of nested in their parent folder. It makes for a very untidy browsing experience when there are a million "Curious George" episodes sprinkled between every other show.
5. Slow internet. I can't completely prove this but I strongly suspect that something in the Uverse setup is a drain to my internet speed and, possibly range. I'll check the difference once we switch back.
6. The guide. I really loved the ability to keep watching my show while I scrolled through to see what else is on TV. Now it hides my show and the preview box shows what else is on TV.

So, with that I excitedly look forward to our reinstatement with DirecTV this Saturday! Can't wait!