Friday, April 5, 2013

Driving Peeve: No Turn Signals

Once we moved to Texas and away from the comparatively rough driving in New York and New Jersey, Dean and I had images of leisurely navigating open roads in the DFW area. The first revelation is that there are no 'open roads' and traffic can be just as bad as the Northeast. But the most difficult thing is the fact that hardly anyone here uses their turn signals- they just cut across or make a turn with no indication whatsoever....
Pssst, DFW drivers, come over here a sec....lemme show you something:

This lever in your car is called your turn signal. If you flip it to indicate which direction you plan to go in, you will avoid getting run off the road, having your bumper clipped, and me giving you the finger. I promise you that it is totally worth it, trust me.

It has gotten so bad now that someone can cut me off with mere inches between us but if they have their signal on I'm less irritated than someone who 'drifts' in front of me several feet ahead!

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