Friday, March 29, 2013

Rarely Seen: Me in a Pantsuit

I could give you a million reasons why I don't like pants- bunching, thigh-rub, length issues, you name it. But every Friday I step out of my comfort zone and don a pair.
I bought this pair of pants and then realized that it actually is the same color/style of another suit I have from Eloquii.
This is this week's Friday look and I'm pleased to say that I am finally rocking....a pantsuit.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Humpday Humor: Medical Bracelet of My Dreams

Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Jacket, Winter Tights

It was cold outside but I knew the heat would be cranked up inside so I paired a short-sleeve jacket with my opaque tights. I got a lot of rave reviews on my Lane Bryant graphic skirt from a few years ago.
At some point I plan to find a chunky statement necklace with hints of purple to break up the black.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dream House

I want this courtyard! It combines 2 of my often conflicting wishlist items; big open windows and privacy walls. This is Bob Hope's home on the market for $50 million....a bit out of my range!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Phone Detour- Droid Razr M

In the past few months I've grown increasingly disgruntled with my Droid Incredible 4G LTE. No JellyBean update in sight. Flaky bluetooth auto-connection. Enough. I ordered a Razr M and it should be here tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Humpday Humor: Awkward!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Scarf Flair

This shirtdress has been a staple in my wardrobe for about the past 7 years and it has taken me that long to decide to dress it up with a scarf! I love the fullness of the skirt but I have to admit I refer to this dress as the 'Marilyn'. Each time I wear it, 2 things inevitably happen-the day is exceedingly windy and I have to pump gas. Needless to say, I have quickly become a favorite at my local gas station!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

I am so traumatized by the news that Google Reader is shutting down! I've used it for years and I have no idea what I'll do without it. I hear there will be 'substitutes' but honestly I'm more worried that rss in general are being phased out.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Humpday Humor: Porm Definition

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monkey Boy

 Seth has recently decided that he is a proboscis monkey and has taken up residence in the tree in the front of the house- it is not an easy thing to explain to the neighbors.  Here he is 'taking a nap' in his new habitat. I blame the Wild Kratts entirely for all this.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Scents of the Season

New Year, new smells right? Well, for me that's certainly the case. I have a handful of go-to scents that I rotate between and for this year, I've decided on these 4:

They are:

J'Adore- by Dior (special occasions and evenings)
Happy- by Clinique (daily and casual)
Fan di Fendi- by Fendi (daily)
Envy- by Gucci (daily and special occasions)

Pro tip: I keep my fragrances in our powder room on the first floor so that I can decide what to wear right as I'm out the door. It's also a cool and dark room which is where perfumes ideally should be stored.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Humpday Humor: Liquor Totally Gets You

Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter Wear

I live for winter clothing, which I know sounds weird since I live in Texas. But few things give me the warm fuzzies like pulling on opaque tights. I think I got this sweater from JC Penney a few years ago but I definitely got the skirt from Eloquii. It's a really cool hounds tooth print with leather panels along the side.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend Watching: The Inbetweeners

Somewhere during my marathon watching of The Inbetweeners I morphed into a teenage boy and suddenly had all kinds of insight into their minds. This show made me laugh so hard I cried several times and nearly wet myself once. It's crude, ridiculous and very inappropriate but also the funniest thing I have seen in ages.
The premise is that posh Will is forced to go to public school and ends up in an oddball clique consisting of worldly Jay (who talks a good game but has never actually seen any action), clueless Neil and shy but lovable Simon. They get themselves into all kinds of trouble at school and just never seem to be able to get their act together. It is a hilarious riot- which is why it made me furious that MTV recently recently tried to release American version. The good news is that the knockoff failed so woefully it was cancelled the day it aired, allowing The Inbetweeners to keep its good name unsullied.
You can get this one on Netflix streaming this weekend. I recommend it with a drink of Ribena and a package of crisps.