Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Case of the 'Invisible' Case

A week from last Sunday I got my dream machine- my new Asus Zenbook Prime and hastily yanked it out of the box and started the lovefest. A few days into it I started to consider what would be the best case option... Unlike my previous setup my Zenbook travels up and down the stairs with me as I use it in the den, bedroom and study. 
So, imagine my surprise when I started reading some reviews about the case that came with the laptop....wait, what now? Where on earth was my case? I raced home and found the box stashed in the garage and ripped it open. Deep inside the box, I discovered.....my beautiful case! 
I'm so glad I hoard my packaging- throwing the box away would have been an absolute disappointment. Now I have a lovely, low profile case to use with my beautiful Zenbook. Ahhhhhh, this *is* love!

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