Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Double Header: Warm Bodies & Side Effects

I took a day off last Friday to get a few overdue projects done, but also to just have a much needed day to myself (Dean at work, Seth at daycare). In the afternoon I decided to go to the movies and couldn't decide between Side Effects and Warm Bodies so I saw them both! I had been anticipating Warm Bodies since last October or so when I saw the trailer pop up on IMDB- I even read the book in advance. But the trailer for Side Effects looked intriguing to me and I was excited to see Mara Rooney since I passed on the American remake in lieu of the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Side Effects started off great but then didn't really commit to the direction it was headed in. Warm Bodies on the other hand matched up well with the book and was, in my opinion, a great date movie. (Fun fact, on our second date Dean and I went to see Twisted).

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