Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's in My Bag?

On any given day, here are the staples in my purse:

I went through several wallets before finally finding this gem from Target. It's nice and flat, and on the flip side it has a handy window to hold and display my license. There's a zippered compartment that can hold cash, which I rarely ever have on hand anymore these days.
While I have 3 credit cards, I only carry one on me for cash back rewards. I also carry my debit card and Target card. I've also got my health. Dental, CPR cards and AAA for emergencies.
The strap that snaps over all the cards is ingenious- I can tell at a glance if I'm missing a card, but I'm assured that none will fall out. 

Health and Beauty:
My makeup bag matches my wallet and is also a lovely bright pink. I wish it was just a touch larger: it's a tight fit for carrying the 2 lipstick colors I generally wear as well as my Covergirl translucent powder which is all I put on my skin. I use the same lipliner color and blend it into either of my lipstick shades.
I always carry a miniature of whatever fragrance I'm wearing. By the end of the week I usually wind up with 3 or 4 minis in the bottom of my purse. These days I'm fascinated with the J'Adore Dean got me for Christmas.
I always have hand sanitizer on me (and one in my car, one in my desk, one in the kitchen!) This particular one is a flat container that I love that was a promo item from attending some conference or the other.
My current phone is the Droid Incredible 4G LTE which is one of the last of the non-monster sized phones left in the Android world. I like the phone a bit, but I still have my eye out for the next keyboard Android phone. (fingers crossed for MWC!)
My Galaxy Tab 7.7 is small enough that I can carry it everywhere with me. With the Verizon 4g connectivity I can use it anywhere with fast speed. I also have it connected to the Eye-Fi wireless card in my camera so I can view and edit all my photographs on the go.

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