Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Ultrabook Splurge: Zenbook

Yesterday as we ran through Walmart I literally did a double-take as I walked past the hottest laptop I have ever seen. I now know why some men's heads swivel when a cutie walks by- it's just an unavoidable chemical reaction. I darted back over and noticed it was an Asus Zenbook- which was surprising as I hadn't noticed the product line was so much sleeker in person. Dean had to nearly forcibly remove me from the display and wipe up the trail of drool.
I got home and immediately took stock of my current laptop setup:
1. HP Envy Spectre: Gorgeous piece of glass that doesn't work past about 10 feet from the Wifi connection. Relegated to the spot beside my bedside where the glowing logo keeps me up all night.
2. Toshiba Satellite that works well but weighs a metric ton and works my last nerve by popping open the CD drive every time my hand gets within the vicinity of the button. I gained no joy at all from this purchase as it was only necessary because of the week wireless radio in the Envy.
The solution was easy- sell them both on eBay, and tote the Zenbook around with me as needed. So, today we went and bought my new Zenbook which I absolutely positively love to bits. It's light, has a strong wireless signal (and bluetooth) and runs Windows 8- in other words, it's absolute perfection.

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