Monday, January 7, 2013

Holiday Glam

This holiday I had several 'dos to go to but the most stressful one was my clinic's Christmas party. I had planned a fun party in the stockyards and encouraged everyone to come dressy then realized that I didn't have anything that was quite appropriate for a work party. 
I was finally able to find this amazing dress from Macy's (no longer available, but showing on Zappos). It's a sequin number from Michael Kors and was orignally at $160 but I snagged it for $35 on sale. Once it arrived though, it was still just too revealing to wear to work. So, I decided to find another way to make it appropriate.
The solution was to pair the dress with a sheer top and a belt, and voila- still very sexy but not in a NSFW kinda way:
I had a great time and the sparkles from the sequins twinkled all night through the sheer top.

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