Friday, January 18, 2013

Age 5: Him and I

I found an old picture of myself recently and was surprised to realize that I remember that day. I remember my 5-year old self in that pinafore (which had very hard-to-fasten straps). It's an amazing feeling of pseudo deja-vu where I look at my son and can actually remember what it feels like to be the age he is at now.
I hadn't started wearing glasses yet- that was the next year. My parents had separated and I was in kindergarten. I found a really cool picture of my elementary school (as it is today, not then!):

I remember my 5th birthday-my grandparents threw me a lavish birthday party-undoubtedly to take my mind off my parents' separation. I remember this photo:

Here is Seth on his 5th birthday:

One of my main goals in life is to give my son the very best of my real and imagined childhood. So far I feel like I'm succeeding :)

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