Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tab Switcheroo

About 2 months ago I found myself upping my Verizon plan since I've had to use my phone a lot more for work. I wasn't really too concerned as my job covers most of my phone bill but I did note that I was now on one of the infamous share plans. My Tab 7.7 is on a cheapo $15/250mb plan on AT&T so it wasn't really feasible to share it on Verizon. However, once I took a look at how little of my 4gb I was using on my Droid Incredible I felt drastic action was in order. For a few weeks I made a point of using the hotspot feature on my phone since I don't have a wifi connection available to me at work.
Soon though, the necessary manipulation of both devices to make that work became a bore. I decided that it was time to spend some money and get a Verizon Tab 7.7. I love my device, and have since I've had it even with all the newer tech released. So I scoured eBay and found one with enough extras to sweeten the deal. Looking forward to getting it this week then putting my unlocked version up for sale. More once I get it activated and added to my plan.