Thursday, September 6, 2012

Incredible vs Razr M


It never fails. I finally decide to upgrade my phone and there is a new one announced right after. I have a short window of time (2 days) to decide whether I want to swap my Incredible for the new Razr M....pros and cons

Razr M
+ Larger battery
+ Edge to edge screen
+ $50 less than the Incredible
- Accessories (dock) not yet available
- So much work involved in exchanging (phone wipe)
- If I don't like it I can't switch back 
- Don't like body (back) style

Incredible 4G
- Smaller battery
- $50 more than the Incredible
+ Already bought desk and car docks
+ Love the body style
+ I know I like it
= Features are the same as the Razr M

Hmmm, this decision may be easier than I thought....

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