Sunday, July 8, 2012

ICS on Tab 7.7

July 4th brought a wonderful gift this year- Ice cream Sandwich for my Galaxy Tab 7.7. Sure, I had to go through ODIN to perform the update (KIES did not recognize an update) but it was worth the effort.
The best part to me is that I did not have to lose my data- much like the Honeycomb update on my old Flyer, this update kept my info intact. Things are moving along much smoother and it makes my Tab feel like a brand new device.
Although I found I had to ditch ADW EX launcher (suddenly having crashes) I am having more app stability overall and much better performance. I lost root access but really for me that's not a big deal.
Now I'm eagerly awaiting the ICS update on my Droid Pro which desperately needs a breath of new life to keep going. And as I haven't seen any promising QWERTYbar devices on the horizon, my DP may actually make it to the 2 year mark!

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