Sunday, March 11, 2012

Galaxy Tab 7.7- Month One

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I had 2 main concerns when I got my Galaxy Tab 7.7- connectivity and pen input. The connectivity issue was a big concern for me- I had already decided to get an AT&T sim card but I had no idea about what my connection options would be. As it turned out, a week after I got my Tab, I was able to get the sim card set up with only a minor snafu. If you are having similar issues, check out my post at XDA forums for a walk-through. I don't have 4G speeds on this, but so far not an issue as I mostly kept it off on my Evo View to preserve battery life.
Next was getting over the pen input that I had gotten used to with my Evo View. Turns out, that was easier to get over than I thought. I really haven't missed it much at all.
The things that I have been enjoying about my Tab have far exceeded the trade-offs. The screen is unbelievably crisp and clear and the size has made it so convenient for me to tote it around and use it for hours on end:

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In almost every situation I reach for my Tab over my phone (except, of course, for calls). Today I ordered the car dock so that I can use it for in-car navigation. Unfortunately the GPS on my phone has a tendency to lock up- most like due to the low memory on the Droid Pro. I haven't found a phone worth upgrading to but my Tab makes the wait more bearable.

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