Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Year with the Droid Pro

I noticed a most shocking thing yesterday as I looked at my calendar: I've been using the same phone for a year! This may not seem like much but its a huge feat for me- I've hit pretty close to 9 months here or there, but never the full year.
I've been generally happy with my Droid Pro. The only real gripe I have is with the amount of memory. Every so often it slows down to the point where I need to manually kill apps using SystemPanel. My minor annoyance is that since the Gingerbread update my keyboard light has developed a mind of its own.
But besides that my Droid Pro has really been a champ. I took it to London in January and was able to unlock it and pop a local sim card. In August I took it with me on our family vacation to the Dominican Republic. There I mainly used it as my camera.
Will I be upgrading? You know, I really haven't seen anything that I feel is a compelling step up. My next phone will be a QWERTYBar Android phone with a large memory boost and a drop-in dock like the Nexus One had. Perhaps when the Ice Cream Sandwich phones start rolling out, I'll encounter one I like. Until then, I guess I'll have some more time with my Droid Pro.

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