Monday, November 14, 2011

A Plan on Every Carrier

As of the end of last month our household had 4 plans- 1 AT&T plan from my Blackberry days (kept it to have the unlimited data), 1 add-on (family plan) for Dean's phone, 1 Verizon plan for my Droid Pro and 1 Sprint plan for my HTC Evo View 4G. Needless to say, it was becoming quite expensive. 2 weeks ago or so I decided to take some drastic steps to cut our costs- When Dean got his iPhone 4 I had him switch to my old number to take my data plan. It turns out that with his job discount he is eligible for a 25% rate reduction so with the plan in his name we can take advantage of that. We killed off his old number since there was now no need for it.
Since Dean moved to the iPhone we have been using WhatsApp for messaging instead of texting. With that change I was able to drop my texting plan to 250 from unlimited, saving about $15.
After careful consideration I dropped to the $19.99 3G only plan for my Evo View from the $44.99 plan that included 4G. And that's when the fun ended. With the slower 3G data suddenly I wasn't having as much fun streaming video or doing anything data-centric outside my Wifi zones.
So yesterday I decided to add my Sprint 4G plan back to my View. After all, with all the other cost savings I could definitely feel good about that expenditure. Today, just as I was about to hit the button I saw the news that Sprint had changed its plans. For the same amount of money, I could now get a 3G/4G plan and there is an in-between plan of $34.99 for 3GB of data. So, I flipped the switch and am very pleased! We're down to a reasonable 3 plans and 1 of them is only $20 a month and it includes 4G. Winning!

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