Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gingerbread on my Droid Pro

My Droid Pro is almost a year old...which is virtually unheard of for me! But in the past month it's been really showing its age and has slowed down to an almost unbearable crawl. So I set aside some time today to do a hard reset- and the timing couldn't have been better as I ended up being just in time for the Gingerbread update. I had to flash SBF to get my Pro back to stock, then go through each of the updates from 2.26 on up to 4.8.7. But at the end I got the things that I have wanted most in my phone:

1. Dark notification bar (without having to do any monkeying around)
2. Ability to select text in a normal fashion

So now I've got a snappy phone and I can nearly imagine myself going another year on this phone.....nearly.

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