Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tech I Take for Granted

There's nothing like a trip to another country to help you appreciate the luxuries you enjoy at home. I had already experienced wifi only during my trip to London this January so I was prepared for my 3g withdrawal. I had prepped by loading movies on my HTC view and making the ipad kid friendly with the best that Nickelodeon has to offer.
I was somewhat surprised to realize that Netflix and Blockbuster are all a no-go here in the Dominican Republic. Wifi has been painfully slow and only works when we get right up to the window. I decided to make an ebay purchase but somehow (probably because of the international wifi?) my Paypal account suddenly got restricted and is requiring me to submit a bunch of documents or accept a call to my landline to prove my identity.
The most pleasant surprise I've had tech-wise is that my Slingplayer works. Last night as I wrestled with insomnia I was able to Sling the last episode of True Blood and watch it at standard quality which was quite acceptable.
I decided to use my Droid Pro as my camera during this trip too. The upside is crisp clear photos, the downside is that I really have to gauge an appropriate time to take it with me. For example, tomorrow I am going on a Spa cruise, but after accidently losing Dean's sunglasses off the edge of the last boat we were in yesterday I don't think I can risk taking it.
Overall, its been an amazing trip so far and I'm looking forward to the 3 days left.

Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

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