Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tech I Take for Granted

There's nothing like a trip to another country to help you appreciate the luxuries you enjoy at home. I had already experienced wifi only during my trip to London this January so I was prepared for my 3g withdrawal. I had prepped by loading movies on my HTC view and making the ipad kid friendly with the best that Nickelodeon has to offer.
I was somewhat surprised to realize that Netflix and Blockbuster are all a no-go here in the Dominican Republic. Wifi has been painfully slow and only works when we get right up to the window. I decided to make an ebay purchase but somehow (probably because of the international wifi?) my Paypal account suddenly got restricted and is requiring me to submit a bunch of documents or accept a call to my landline to prove my identity.
The most pleasant surprise I've had tech-wise is that my Slingplayer works. Last night as I wrestled with insomnia I was able to Sling the last episode of True Blood and watch it at standard quality which was quite acceptable.
I decided to use my Droid Pro as my camera during this trip too. The upside is crisp clear photos, the downside is that I really have to gauge an appropriate time to take it with me. For example, tomorrow I am going on a Spa cruise, but after accidently losing Dean's sunglasses off the edge of the last boat we were in yesterday I don't think I can risk taking it.
Overall, its been an amazing trip so far and I'm looking forward to the 3 days left.

Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dominican Vacation

We arrived in the Dominican Republic on Sunday afternoon and were pleasantly surprised to find that our resort (Paradises Palma Real) is only a short drive from the airport. So far its been a wonderful time of relaxation and exploration. The main tech I've been using is my Kindle which I am so glad to have. I can get the time, do some reading and still not overly worry when I leave it poolside as we take a dip.
I've thought about downloading an offline translator to help with my Spanish but I've found the pantomime and guessing to be a much more organic approach. :)

Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New and Improved Evernote


Evernote just got a significant facelift on Android....enough to make me seriously consider getting a paid subscription! The snippets view is fresh and minimalistic and once you open a note it appears to open over the list of notes. If you haven't already, nip into the Android Market and get the latest version!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blockbuster App Update

A few days ago Blockbuster updated it's android app making it more modern, and easier to navigate. I'm looking forward to renting a few movies before our vacation in a few weeks.
I'm a bit surprised to see Blockbuster still putting work  into it's app...aren't they out of business?