Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tab vs Pad

Once I got my new ipad on Sunday morning I literally couldn't put it down...I was in every single nook and cranny re-familiarizing myself with iOS and all the apps now available for tablet. The honeymoon continued right up until Monday morning when I had the brilliant idea to tote my ipad instead of my Tab. First of all, it just wouldn't fit in my Miche bag without sticking out of the top. Once lunch time rolled around, I realized that it was to big to simply prop on my bolted in phone holder like I do with my Tab. I ended up holding it awkwardly in my lap, up against the steering wheel, trying not to get it dirty as I ate in my car.
But once I got back home, Dean and Seth enjoyed some bouts of Angry Birds, and I loaded up some bowling and football games for Dean to enjoy. So, we realized that the best use case for the ipad is in the family room....and my Tab still belongs in my hand and purse.

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