Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crawling Out from Under My Rock...

On Tuesday, May 10th I lost one of my best friends...my mother-in-law. Our relationship was more than just in-laws; just about every Saturday morning since we moved to Texas you could find us gabbing over skype on everything from the previous nights tv lineup to how to be a mom to a boy. I could talk to her about anything and she was never judgemental, and always had something enlightening to share. Its just been a huge loss, and my husband's heart has been broken beyond words. R.I.P.

Her final wishes were very specific about her cremation- she didn't want to have a funeral, and didn't want any big to-do. After much discussion, my husband and his sister decided that we would all take a trip somewhere tropical and spread her remains....she loved a good beach! So, in July we'll all be heading to the Dominican Republic to take her on a final vacation.

I'll get more up to date with posts in a short while. Just haven't really felt like myself lately. Don't you worry, I'll get there soon enough.

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